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Concerning the vagina, there are a lot of folklores and fallacies.

A number of people believe that a vagina can lose the pliability and turn out to be loose continually.

In reality, that’s not true.

The vaginal muscles are elastic as a result, they can expand to house almost everything coming in, for instance, can accommodate the penis or even sex not forgetting things moving out of the vagina like the baby.

But all those cannot make it stay loose forever as it’s capable of tightening back to its previous shape.

It’s undeniable that your vagina may turn out to be somewhat looser via ageing or even child birth, but generally, the muscles tend to enlarge and draw in as they are elastic.


femiwand Vaginal tightening

There are lots of things which might contribute to the weakening of pelvic muscle. Remember the vagina is bordered by pelvic floor muscles.

The moment these muscles turn out to be weak, the vagina will automatically feel loose.

Scrawny pelvic floor muscles can as well result to problems like incontinence, triggering urine to seep from the body.

This is embarrassing right?

Although Pelvic floor workouts like Kegels exercise can help tighten the muscles of the vagina, in some cases, the exercise might not work.

Seeking cosmetic treatments can be an alternative for you. Don’t hesitate to visit any of our amazing clinics like LA LIPO .

Remember tight vagina is healthy and having one is a blessing.



Correspondingly, intercourse may feel uncomfortable, as the vagina turn out to be drier.

Exercise can seldom reverse this but seeking vaginal tightening treatments can reverse it.

Don’t allow yourself to be embarrassed by your vagina being loose or uncomfortable.

Seek cosmetic clinics and regain your confidence.


It’s undeniable that a number of couples shy off from debating disputes relating to their sex life since this problem has torn apart many unions.

Your sexual life is indispensable to your affection life. Women are the most affected party when it comes to preserving that cheerful sexual life for the reason for the complications they encounter in life. 

These complications may be illnesses linked to their reproductive fitness which might even block them from enjoying sexual activities for a while. 

A loose vagina can as well repudiate them from the pleasure they may adore when it comes to sex. It all transpires the minute the muscles of the vagina weakens. Vaginal Tightening Mill Hill with femiwand could be perfect for you.

Why Does Vaginal Atrophy Occur?

vaginal tightening

The following are the factors contributing to a weakening of pelvic floor muscles:


During childbirth, the pelvic floor muscle tends to stretch and remember, they don’t immediately snap back to normal shape after delivery.

The duration of time these muscles take to return back to normal varies from one woman to another. Vaginal tightening Treatment is perfect for you.

There are a lot of changes to the reproductive organs.

Changes in elasticity are what makes a number of women to feel less tight but after sometimes, everything resumes the normal shape.

Just as mention above, weakened pelvic muscles can result in urinary incontinence in a number of women.

This may cause urine to leak the moment you hoot, cough or even sneeze. In some women, this may take just a few days but to a number of women, it may take longer.

Skin or muscle damage during childbirth can as well grounds alterations to the vulva and vagina.

Why allow yourself to be embarrassed by all this?

Pelvic muscle tightening clinic is available to handle it with an appropriate cosmetic procedure. Vaginal tightening femiwand treatment for you.

Among the known beautifying clinic which is perfect at delivering the best result is LA LIPO Mill Hill clinic.


Ageing is another factor which may contribute to making your vagina feel less tight. With ageing, your body changes as well.

Skin and muscle progressively turn out to be less firm and strong, that’s how your vagina can start to feel less tight.

Also as women approach menopause, the body slows down the production of estrogen as a result, the vagina loses its elasticity and even turn out to be drier.

The menopause further upsurges the feeling of being less tight.

There may also be uneasiness caused by a drop in regular lubrication for the duration of sex.

Regular intercourse, especially during menopause, has been confirmed to assist in tightening the muscles of the vagina.

A lubricant is recommended for more comfortable sexual intercourse.

What Else Can You Do To Help Symptoms?

La-Lipo is a revolutionary non-invasive feminine rejuvenation treatment that uses low levels of laser energy to activate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production.

This accelerates the tightening process for long lasting effects; while also providing enhanced lubrication and sensation. 

Kegel exercises are one of them which will help in tightening your pelvic muscles restoring their elasticity but that cannot work to those women whose vagina loses due to old age.

In such cases, you are recommended to visit beautifying clinic like LA LIPO clinic to restore your sex life to normal.

Just as mention above, vaginal tightness is affected a number of things like age, childbirth and others. You should devise approaches of tightening your vagina even as you age.

You should as well take part in measures that will help in tightening your vagina after delivery. The key benefit of vaginal tightness in the relationship is that it improves sex life.

Are you looking for a perfect vaginal tightening clinic to get adequate treatment for your loose vagina?

LA Lipo has it all and the specialist utilises the Femiwand machine. The Femiwand machine is premeditated for upgrading vaginal tightness using ultrasound.

Femiwand treatments is a bit non-invasive and entirely non-surgical, but involve moulding your shyness during treatment.

The Femiwand treatments focus on arousing collagen production by conveying concentrated ultrasound vitality to the skin’s muscle layer naturally addressed in cosmetic operation minus unsettling the skin layer.

The ultrasound treatment is impeccably safe, and not like lasers that penetrate away from the surface of the vaginal muscle to strengthen the special effects of the treatment.