MEN ARMS Greenford

we can target the arms to remove the fat and give you a more defined shape & build muscle

Men Arms Greenford

For Men who want leaner more defined arms but struggle to get fat to budge then you need LA Lipo fat freezing West Ealing where we can target the arms to remove the fat and give you a more defined shape.

Sculpted and toned arms for men.

LA Lipo West Ealing is a prestigious and the leading UK provider of Cryolipolysis treatment. This is also known as fat freezing and cool sculpting.

Also revolutionary new treatment called LA-EMS Body Sculpting where you can burn fat and build muscle!

Body image and related self esteem is an important aspect of life for every individual, not just women.

Cryolipolysis - Men Arms Greenford

men arms

Men also want to look and feel their absolute best and to be as healthy as possible.

When undertaking a healthy lifestyle and diet, difficulties can still be faced when it comes to losing weight from those problem areas of the body and achieving a toned physique.

One such problem area for men are the arms.

What Cryolipolysis treatment West Ealing offers is a targeted and intense treatment just for the arms.

The treatment is very similar to that of liposuction, but it differs in that it is non invasive as no needles are used.

During a Cryolipolysis session that targets the arms, all that is felt is a cold sensation on the arm area.

It is not painful or uncomfortable, as all treatment is topical.

This cold treatment ‘freezes’ those troublesome fat cells, which are then absorbed naturally by the body.

So, there are no nasty or unpleasant side effects to treatment.

Cryolipolysis can tackle the specific areas of the arm such as the biceps, triceps and other areas, such as the top of the arm and shoulder.

Specific areas can be treated, and remove the problem areas this will be discussed on your initial consultation.

The triceps’ muscle is located at the rear of the arm, and this area can be troublesome for having loose hanging skin, especially if you have lost weight quickly over a short period of time.

Cryolipolysis treatment on the bicep area, will help to both tone and add definition, creating an arm that is more sculpted.

All of these areas, or just one specific area, can be treated.

Generally, a treatment session can last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, so will only take up a small portion of your day.

As there are no nasty side effects, it also means that a session can easily be slotted in at any time of day, even before work.

Several sessions are advised to see maximum results, with visible results seen as quickly as two months.

It should be noted that Cryolipolysis reduces the amount of fat by up to twenty percent, so you will be able to see dramatic results.

When having Cryolipolysis treatment on your upper or lower arm, you can choose to visit one of our friendly clinics , or to have the treatment carried out in your own home.

While undergoing treatment, it is also vital to remember the Importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet, so that the arms are targeted holistically.

Men Arms & LA-EMS Body Sculpting RESULTS

men arms

Advantages of LA-EMS Body Sculpting for Men’s Arms:

Increased Muscle Mass:

LA-EMS Body Sculpting can increase muscle mass by up to 16% in treated areas, making it an ideal solution for men who want to sculpt and define their arms.

Enhanced Muscle Tone:

LA-EMS Body Sculpting stimulates deep muscle contractions that are difficult to achieve through regular exercise alone, resulting in a more toned and defined appearance.

Reduced Fat:

LA-EMS Body Sculpting can also reduce fat in treated areas, leading to a leaner, more sculpted look.


Unlike surgical procedures like liposuction, LA-EMS Body Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime or recovery.

Quick and Easy:

LA-EMS Body Sculpting treatments are quick and easy, with each session lasting just 30 minutes.
Most men require four treatments spaced two to three days apart for optimal results.

Results of LA-EMS Body Sculpting for Men’s Arms:

LA-EMS Body Sculpting can produce impressive results in as little as four treatments.

Men can expect to see increased muscle mass, enhanced muscle tone, and reduced fat in the treated areas.

The results of LA-EMS Body Sculpting are long-lasting, provided that patients maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.